Friday, December 21, 2007

CRM Opportunity

While visiting a client, they asked: How can we change an opportunity probability to 0% if the opportunity is put on hold.

This could be done with java script, but the fields must be on the form. We chose Work Flow Manager because it extends the functionality by allowing you to update non form fields and also related entity fields. Also, it is easier to use the Work Flow Manager. You can create this update of the probability field in a few steps:

* Open the Work Flow Manager
* Create a create workflow rule for the opportunity entity
* Insert a condition called Wait for Conditions
* Select the “<>” and insert “Wait entity condition”
* Choose the field to be updated. In this case, Status Reason = On Hold
* Insert an Update Entity action after the end wait statement by selecting the end wait statement and then click on Insert Action
* Select Update Entity and set the probability field to 0%
* Save and activate the rule

Once the rule is created it will be in effect for all future records saved to the CRM database and not perform the action on existing records. Test the workflow by changing the Status Reason to “On Hold” and the probability should automatically change to 0%.