Monday, December 24, 2007

GoldMine Premium - Contact Search Center Groups

An added feature in GoldMine Premium now allows you to "Group" information in the Contact Search Center. A simple grouping would be the following:

* Click on the Search button and open the Contact Search Center
* Search for all the contacts within a particular state
* You can now group all of the contacts in the state by city
* Right click on the header bar in the Contact Search Center and choose Group from the menu
* A bar opens up above the search criteria area that says "Drag a Column Header here to
Group by that Column"
* Left click on the word "City" and move the Column Header up into the bar
* You will now see that all of your cities will be listed below the state in the area below the
column headers with plus signs next to each
* Click on the plus sign next to a city and it will list each of the contacts that are located in
that city below the city name
* When you have completed your searching move the Column Header back into the bar
with the other column headers and the "Group" bar will close

As you can see, the possibilities with this are endless. You can group by several different categories at the same time!