Monday, December 24, 2007

GoldMine Premium - Pending and History Drop Down Lists

A client noticed that in GoldMine Premium Edition in the History and Pending tabs there are now drop down lists for each column header.

Another new feature in GoldMine Premium Edition is the ability to easily view your History and Pending items by particular users, particular dates, etc.

* Click on the History Tab of a contact
* Next to Activity click on the down arrow and choose E-mail Out
* You will now see a listing of just outgoing e-mails to that contact
* Your choices in the drop down list will be any of the activities you have completed for that
* You can do the same with any of the headers on the history tab
* You can output the information into Word or Excel by right clicking in the History area
and choose Output to and the information will be put into an Excel Spreadsheet or a Word
* When you have finished make sure you go back to the drop down under the column header
and choose "All" or you will only see the activity you have chosen to view on all of your
contact records

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