Monday, December 24, 2007

GoldMine Premium - Scheduling Activities

A client new to Premium Edition of GoldMine noticed the four buttons across the top of the contact record and was not sure how to best use them.

* In GoldMine Premium Edition at the top of every contact record you will see four buttons -
Communicate, Schedule, Add To, Message
* You can now communicate with a contact (send an e-mail, write a letter, etc.) directly from
the contact record when you click on the down arrow on the button.
* The same applies to Scheduling. If you click on the down arrow on the Schedule button you
can now schedule activities directly from the contact record. The familiar Schedule box pops
up and you can schedule activities just as you did in previous versions of GoldMine.
* The Add To button allows you to add the contact record to a Group or Distribution List
* The Message button allows you to send a message about the contact to another GoldMine

Each of these individual items will be looked at in more detail in future tips!

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