Friday, December 21, 2007

HSS New Issue

A client had the following question: We would like end-users to use Heat Self Service to only check their ticket status but not submit tickets. Is there a way to remove the New Issue link?

You have a couple of options here. The first option uses Heat security to take away the rights for the HSS users to create a call ticket.

* Open the HSS Configuration Tool
* Select Security > Customers > Select Customer (e.g. Employee)
* Select the Rights tab > uncheck Add and Edit under Call Record

This will not remove the New Issue but it will prevent end-users from creating a ticket through HSS.

If you really need to remove the New Issue link, then you can edit the web page that displays the New Issue link. These are asp pages and can be edited with a web authoring tool (like Dream Weaver or Visual Studio) or with Notepad. Before you start, a few caveats.

First, make a complete backup of the folder where you are going to modify any asp page. Also, be aware that links often appear in multiple pages, so you may need to modify several pages. If this does not deter you, then here is how you would modify the asp page to remove the New Issue link:

* Select C:\Program Files\HEAT\HEATSelfService\Common\Locale
* Make a copy of the Locale folder for backup
* Make a copy of the NavigationMenuLocale.asp page
* Open NavigationMenuLocale.asp with Notepad
* Navigate to the “New Issue” section
* Remove the following lines of code from the page:

CssLocale.AddTokens(new Array(["New Issue",
["English","New Issue"],
["French","Nouveau problme"],
["German","Neue Anfrage"],

* Save the revised page > Open HSS to check the page
* Login as a user > the New Issue link should not appear on any page

If you have problems or if you later decide that you want the New Issue link restored, then you would rename the modified page and make the page you copied earlier the NavigationMenuLocale.asp page. I would also advise that you do this type of work on a test server first and then deploy it after it has been thoroughly tested by multiple users.