Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Call Group by Day

A client recently asked: Is there a way to determine if an ATG call is created on the weekend (and notify the technician on-call)?

Yes, you can create a Call Group that uses the DATENAME function to determine if a call is made on a specific day (i.e. Saturday or Sunday). This group could then be attached to the technician’s Alert Monitor (when they are on-call) and direct the email or page to the correct technician.

* Select Group > Open Group
* Select the Global radio button > Click the Add button
* Name the group “Weekend” > Select Global
* Enter the following in Expression Text:

{CallLog.CallID} in (select CallID from CallLog where DATENAME(weekday,RecvdDate) in ('Saturday','Sunday') and CallStatus <> 'Closed')

* Save the group

This group will return tickets created on Saturday or Sunday. It can then be added to Alert Monitor (or BPAM) when a technician is going to be on-call. When a ticket is created in this group, the on-call technician would be alerted.

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