Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dynamically Change Heat Field Colors

A client asked us about this: Is it possible to change the color of a field when another field has a certain value (e.g. change the Call Logging heading to red when the Priority is Urgent)?

Yes, you would need to create an Edit Set using the Administrator module. The steps to change the heading to red, when priority is urgent, are below:

* Open the Administrator module and select File > New Edit Set
* Locate the Call Log table and open the form
* Colors can be changed on command buttons and static text boxes
* Select the heading of the Call Logging section
* Right click and select Attributes
* Click on Color and then Advanced Color
* Select Priority > Click Add > Enter 1 for the value
* Select a color you want the Call Logging heading to be (e.g. Red)
when the Priority is 1 – Urgent

Commit the edit set and open Call Logging. Pick a ticket and select
Priority 1, the heading should change to red.

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