Saturday, January 5, 2008

CRM Calculated Fields

A client recently asked this question: Is there a way to create calculations between fields in Microsoft CRM?

Yes, this is possible using Javascript which is entered in the Customizations tab. Suppose your calculation for stock options expected is the number of employees plus the shares outstanding times 5 – the script below will illustrate how this calculation would work in MS CRM:

* Select Settings > Customizations > Customize Entities
* Select Account > Select the Main Application Form
* On the Details tab > Select Add Fields > Add Shares Outstanding
* Save and close the Form window > Select Attributes > Click New
* Create the results field > Name it "shareemp" > Select int field
* Save and close > Open the Main Application Form > Add Fields
* Add the shareemp field (called new_shareemp because it is custom)
* Change the label to Options Expected
* Save and Close > Select Actions > Publish
* Enter script in the No. of Employees and Shares Outstanding fields

var sum = crmForm.all.numberofemployees.DataValue +

var total = sum * 5;

crmForm.all.new_shareemp.DataValue = total;

Enter this script by double clicking on each field (from the main application form) and entering it under Events > OnChange. Make sure the Enabled checkbox is checked. Save and close and Publish the changes.

Now, whenever the number of employees or shares outstanding changes, the options expected will be recalculated on the Detail tab of the Account form.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, this was very helpful. :-)

CRM Services said...

CRM is a way of using technology to do just that. The idea of CRM is that it helps businesses use technology and human resources to gain insight into the behavior of customers and the value of those customers. Thanks for your posts.CRM Services

Anonymous said...

following the instructions I've reached my goal, however I need to make the calculated fields READ ONLY field, and when I change the proprierties the formula doesn't work no more.
can you help me please?
thanks in advance

sathish said...

Thanks for the sharing of such information.This is a great stuff of reading. I will pass it on to our audience. Thanking you,CRM Services

Ahmed Abdelghany said...

CRM Calculated field from equation

north52 said...

We have been using Dynamics CRM for several years and not having calculated fields was a pain to say the least. So to help us deliver our CRM projects faster we developed Formula Manager.

Its now an add-on application that has both a community & professional edition. So if you just need a couple of formulas then its free but if you use it heavily then we have a commercial offering.

Hope this helps.

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