Monday, January 28, 2008

CRM: Sorting Multiple Columns

A client needed help with sorting columns: Is it possible to sort multiple columns in Microsoft CRM?

You can sort a single list of records by clicking on the column heading. The arrow indicates the direction of the sort (ascending or descending). To sort by multiple columns, you would do the following:

* Select the primary column and click the column heading
* To sort the secondary column, press CTRL+SHIFT while selecting the additional column heading.
* The columns are sorted by the order you select them (primary first, secondary and so on).

To try this, sort by Account Name (as the primary sort and then add some additional fields). For example:

* Select Accounts
* Select Account Name > Sort Descending
* Select Main Phone (hold down CTRL+SHIFT)

The view should be rearranged by Account Name and Main Phone.

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