Sunday, January 20, 2008

GoldMine Standard - Duplicate Records

Many clients realize they have duplicate records in GoldMine and want to view the information to see which can be merged/purged. There is a duplicate report in GoldMine but another way to look at this information is with a SQL Query that will return contact information that have duplicate company and contact names.

* Go to Lookup/SQL Queries and paste the following into the SQL Query box:

Select * from contact1 where company in (select company from contact1 group by company having count(*) >1) AND contact in (select contact from contact1 group by contact having count(*) >1) order by company

* Click on save and name the query
* Click on the Query button and it will return contact information where the company
and contact information are duplicate
* You can then right click in the area where the records were returned and choose Output to
and output the information to an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document

This will also work in GoldMine Premium Edition.

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