Friday, January 4, 2008

GoldMine Standard - Font Size

A client recently was having trouble reading her GoldMine screen and wanted to know if the font size can be changed.

Yes you can by changing a setting.

* Go to Edit/Preferences and go to the Record tab
* Click on “Use Large Fonts”
* GoldMine will then close. Reopen GoldMine and the font will adjust to a larger size.

Remember: When you change preferences on your desktop it does not affect other users.


Mr. Analogy said...


You Made My Day.

With my 40 year old eyes, LCD screen (which needs to be at native resolution for max clarity) GM was almost unusable w/o changing my DPI settings.

After suffering for YEARS, I had a thought today "surely GM lets you adjust the font size, right??"

Matt Daniel said...

Do you know of any way to change the default font and font size for outgoing GM email? My recipients comment that my email text is not large auto-selects: Segoi UI 8pt...and that is too small. I would like Arial 10.

Jen said...

Hi Matt,

When sending an email, click the Options button on the top left of the Edit Email screen and check off the Rich Text(HTML) box; that will give you a toolbar within the body of the email where you can alter the size and shape of the font. You can also create default email templates and set those fonts to the parameters you choose, save and then edit the template before sending - that will keep your fonts the size and style you want. Lastly, you can view your emails larger by going to any Internet Explorer screen, holding down the CTRL button, and scrolling your mouse wheel to enlarge or shrink the view.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Hope you can help.

When I view all of my e-mails in Goldmine, the font size is extremely small. I know I can view them in the browser, but I can't figure out why everyone seems to be sending me text in 8 point (or so). The weird thing is that fonts never used to be so small. Hope someone can help me. Thanks. Jason

Jen said...

Hi Jason,

Sounds like a display issue. Try going to any Internet Explorer screen, holding down the CTRL button, and scrolling your mouse wheel in whichever direction makes the font appear larger. Or you can try going to IE>>Page>>Text Size>>Medium (or whatever size works for you). Let us know if this helps!

Anonymous said...

While on subject, for some reason globally on my 6.5 installation, all users' email font size changed to 8 point, very small. Is there a way to globally change the font size in emails? THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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