Wednesday, January 23, 2008

QuickBooks Enterprise-Payroll Options

A client who wants to use QuickBooks Enterprise to do their payroll asks, “How do I know which payroll option to choose?

After choosing “Full Payroll” in the Company preference screen, you will need to decide whether to subscribe to one of four payroll options offered by QuickBooks: These are: Basic, Standard, Enhanced or Assisted Payroll. All 4 options will allow you to:

o Process and print paychecks.
o Create payroll reports.
o Track and pay your payroll-related liabilities

In addition, Standard, Enhanced and Assisted Payroll will allow you to:
o Create and print 940 and 941 forms.
o Create and print W-2 and W-3 forms

Your choice will depend on your specific needs. To learn more about each of these options or to subscribe to one of them, from the Employees menu, choose Add Payroll Service and then choose Learn about Payroll Options from the submenu.