Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CRM: Change User and Logon

A client recently asked: How can I change the user name and logon name for a user record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

This is fairly easy to do. You will need access to Active Directory, Settings on the CRM web client and the ability to create a temporary user in Active Directory.

To modify the user name and logon, you would do the following:

* In Active Directory, modify the user account
* Open CRM 4.0 as a System Administrator user
* Click Settings > click Administration > click Users
* Open the user record that you want to change
* In the Logon box, type a temporary Active Directory user
(I created a temporary user called “Temp User” for this)
* Click Save
* In the Logon box, type the modified Active Directory user account
* Click Save and Close.

This should bring forward the changes made in the first step to the current version of the CRM user.

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