Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CRM: Closing Faxes

A client recently had this issue: We send out a large number of faxes each week. How can we close multiple activities automatically instead of manually?

Because the client wants to track each fax in the history for each account record, the faxes sent out each week results in a large number of fax records that have to be closed manually. By creating a workflow and applying it to the fax records, the client could all the fax records at once.

The workflow steps are below:

Besides faxes you should also create similar workflows for each type of activity you work with so that you can also close them automatically when you need to.

* click Settings, > click Workflows.
* On the Actions toolbar, click New.
* In the Create Workflow dialog box, set required properties for the workflow.
* In the Workflow name box, type Bulk Close Fax Activities.
* From the Entity list, select Fax.
* In the Type area, make sure that New blank workflow is selected.
* Click OK.

In the Workflow Properties area in the top half of the Workflow form, set additional properties for the workflow.

* From the Publish As list, select Workflow.
* Under Available to Run, select On demand.
* Under Options for Automatic Workflows, clear the Record is created check box.

* In the Workflow Logic area in the lower half of the Workflow form, click
Select this row and click Add Step.
* On the Workflow Logic toolbar, click Add Step and select Change Status.
* Click Type a step description here and replace the default text with Set status of fax to Sent.
* From the first Change record status to list, select Fax, and then select Sent.
* On the Form toolbar, click Save.
* On the Form toolbar, click Publish, and then click OK.
* Click Close.

To apply the workflow to your activity records:

Now that you've created and published your new workflow, you can use it to close your activity records. Note: Once you've closed an activity, you cannot edit or reactivate it.

* In the Navigation Pane, click Workplace, and then click Activities.
* From the Type list, select Fax.
* Select the fax records that you want to close.
* On the Actions toolbar, click Run Workflow.
* In the Look Up Records dialog box, select your Bulk Close Fax Activities workflow, click OK.
* In the confirmation message, click OK.

CRM starts your workflow and changes the status of the fax records that you selected to Completed, with a status reason of Sent. You can view closed activities in the activity's history. In the activity record, under Details, click History.

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