Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CRM: Phone Call Workflow

A client recently had this question: I have a large number of phone calls to make and want to assign them to another employee. When I change the owner, however, why does the call remains in my activity list?

In this case, changing the owner does not reassign the phone call and take off your activity list. You must change the Sender to get the calls off your activity list.

For a few calls:
* Open the phone call > change the Owner to the other employee
* Change the Sender to the other employee
* The phone calls should disappear from you activities

For a large number of calls, you would want to use a workflow:

* Select Settings > Workflows > Click New
* Uncheck “Start when record is created”
* Check “On Demand” > Select first row > Click Add Step
* Add if Phone Call (Acvitity) equals Current User
* Insert another step below first step > Update: Phone Call
* A Phone Call form will appear > update sender and owner to new user
* Save and Close > Publish the Workflow

* Return to Workplace > Activities
* Click Workflow > A List will pop-up
* Select your update workflow (in our case: Sender)
* After the workflow runs, the phone calls should disappear

In our case, we changed the sender and owner to Paul West from Administrator. You can add other steps to the workflow to further break down which phone calls are reassigned and their sender changed.

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