Friday, May 16, 2008

Did you know that QuickBooks has many shortcut keys that make doing tasks quicker, better and easier? Here are just a few...

From any “date field” within QuickBooks:

Type”Y”- first day of year
Type”R”-last day of year
Type”M”-first day of month
Type “H”-last day of month
Type “T”-today’s date
Type”W”-First day of week
Type “+”-next day (also next form #)
Type”-“-prior day (also prior form #)

Other Shortcut Keys:

CTRL-A: displays chart of accounts
CTRL-F: displays “find” window for searching
CTRL-F6: displays next open window
CTRL-1: displays important QB’s data
CTRL-H: displays transaction history
CTRL-I: displays the create invoice window
CTRL-J: displays the customers/jobs list in the customer center
CTRL-N: displays new transaction window
F5 – refreshes the displayed report/window
CTRL-W: displays the write checks window

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