Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GoldMine - Creating and queuing and e-mail

Many clients want to create an e-mail blast and queue it to send at a later time. This can easily be done in GoldMine.

* Make sure you create the filter you want the e-mail sent to first
* Click on the Communicate button and choose Send E-mail or click on the Mail Center Button and choose New E-mail
* To the left of the From and To boxes are 3 small buttons. Click on the last button
* Check the box next to Merge this E-mail to a group of contacts and choose from the options below who you want to send the e-mail to
* You can either type in your Subject Line or choose a Template from the drop-down menu
* Next, click on the second small box on the left of the From and To
* Click on the Queue, Calendar and History Options button
* Enter the time, date and complete the additional options
* Click on the Queue button and the e-mail will be saved and sent at the time and date you set

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