Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GoldMine - Redirecting e-mail to another employee

An employee leaves the company and the client wants to redirect his/her e-mail to another user for a period of time. This can be done by setting up a rule in GoldMine e-mail.

* Open your email center and click on the Actions button across the top and choose Set up E-mail Rules
* The E-mail rules center will pop-up
* You want to direct all of Gene's e-mail to Susan
* Right click and choose New Rule Set
* The E-mail Rules Wizard will pop-up and walk you through creating the rule, its condition and action
* Name the rule (i.e., Redirect Gene’s e-mail to Susan) and choose Incoming Mail as the type of mail this rule should handle
* Click next
* You will now define a condition
* Choose ALL of the following conditions must be true
* Click on the New button
* In the Mail Field choose To
* In the Logical condition field choose Equal to
* In the value field type in Susan's e-mail address (i.e.,
* Click on OK
* Click Next
* On the next screen you will specify what action to take when mail comes in for Gene's e-mail address
* Click on New
* Click on Action on Mail field and choose Re-direct from the drop-down list
* Choose the GoldMine user option and choose Susan from the Address field’s drop-down list (or you type in an e-mail address to which the e-mail will be forwarded)
* Click the Send Immediately option to activate it
* Click on OK
* Click on Finish
* You will now see the rule in the E-mail rule center with the box next to it checked and all of Gene's incoming e-mail will not be forwarded to Susan


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