Wednesday, May 21, 2008

GoldMine - Sending an e-mail template to a contact or group of contacts

Once you have created your e-mail template below are instructions on how to send it to a contact or group of contacts:

* Go to the Write Center
* Choose the template you wish to e-mail and highlight it
* Right click and choose merge
* The Mail Merge Properties box will pop up
* You can now choose who the recipient will be – an individual contact and it’s secondary contacts or a group or filter
* You also have the choice of sending the e-mail immediately or queuing it for delivery
* Next go to the File in History Tab
* You have two option – you can just create a history item that tells you the e-mail was sent but does not include the body of the e-mail, or you can save the entire Template in history. Depending on the type of database you have (SQL or dBase), the size of the message and contents, i.e., graphics and the number you are sending, you should be careful when choosing this option
* After you choose all your options click on Okay and your e-mail template will be sent to the contact(s)