Thursday, May 29, 2008

Heat: Change Management

A client had this question about ITIL: Does Heat 8.4 offer Change Management capabilities?

There are a number of ways to implement Change Management in Heat. The first way is out of the box. There are Change Management Call Types, Categories and Detail forms that allow you to setup the basic Change Management process as you progress towards ITIL compliance.

To implement this, you can load the Demo Data (either through the Quick Start Wizard or LoadDB) which has these Change Management functions. To track a change from beginning to completion, you would use the following Heat features:

* Open a new ticket > Enter a customer > Select the Change Request Call Type
* Select Change Management as the Category > Change Log should be the header
* Open the Detail form > Select the Change Type > Review the Approval form
* Click on the Approval/Disapproval button > User, date and time should fill in

This form records the approval process as implemented by your organization. For more elaborate methods of approval the form can be customized. There is also an add-on module for Heat that offers Change Management.

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