Friday, May 30, 2008

Heat: Email Makes Approval Easier

A client asked this about Change Management approvals: Most of our Change Managers are not Heat users. Is there another way to approve changes?

Yes, you can use email to accomplish the same thing as clicking the button on the Change Management form. To do this, you will need to use Auto Ticket Generator and the Update Ticket function.

This method uses the ATG Update Ticket to update Heat Detail fields as if the button was clicked. This Detail form can also be customized to reflect the roles used in your organization.

To start the Change Management ticket:

- Use the Subset to record the person that initiates the change ticket.
- Enter the details of the change in the Call Description.
- Select Change Request in Call Type and Change Management in Category
- This will enter Change Log as the heading in Call Logging
- This will open the Detail form for Change Management
- Enter any information in the Detail form and save the ticket

This ticket is now ready to be reviewed and the change approved (or disapproved) by the change managers. To use email to approve a change, you must setup the ATG update ticket action. If you do not have the Update function set up, the basic steps are below:

* Create a new module in ATG using the Update Ticket action
* Select the option to Update based on condition, add the condition to the Subject line
* Indicate the Customer Type and make Call Type
* Fill in the required fields and make Call ID the field to identify the ticket to update
* Link the Call ID field to the Subject of the email, leave the Profile Link unchecked.

To approve the change:
* An email must be sent to each manager (via an autotask)
* The Field from Body must be filled in with managers information
* The fields should be filled with Login, Current Date(), Current Time().
* The manager replies to the email, the Update Ticket function recognizes the Call ID
* Make sure the Call ID is in the Subject line
* Use the Field from Body contents to update the correct fields under each Manager

Using email to approve Change Tickets (once setup) makes approval easier and will increase the use of a Change Management system.

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