Friday, May 30, 2008

Heat: ITIL and Customer Surveys

A client wants to remove the CSR field: Why should we leave this field on the Call Logging form? It does not provide the ability to accurately record customer satisfaction.

I agree! I think you should have more fields, on a Detail form, that records a more comprehensive survey of customer satisfaction. Tracking customer satisfaction is an important component of ITIL, and the primary means of measuring performance and making adjustments.

If you have the latest Heat Demo database, select the Call Type of Survey Results and review the related Detail form. This form asks the following questions:

* Was the call answered in a timely fashion?
* Was the technician courteous?
* Was the technician knowledgeable?
* Was the resolution complete?
* Was the resolution made in a timely manner?
* Please rate overall service

These fields can be filled in from the results of a survey that is provided in paper form (and typed in), in email form (and sent to ATG to update the fields) or in a web form (which would also send to ATG).

There is also an excellent white paper on setting up an automated survey that is sent via email and then updates the customization satisfaction fields by using the ATG update action. This white paper can be obtained from The Marks Group.


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