Thursday, May 29, 2008

Heat: ITIL Question

A client recently asked: Is Heat 8.4 ITIL compliant?

This is not a simple Yes or No question. Becoming ITIL compliant is a process and Heat can be made to pass the Pink Verify ITIL checklist and other tests of ITIL compliance. Below are some measures that can be taken to move toward ITIL compliance using Heat.

When ranking the importance of ITIL for their service desk, most companies rank Incident Management as the area most affected when ITIL measures are applied. Incident Management is the quick turn around area of the help desk where between 75 and 85 percent of calls are handled. It is not surprising that this is where most companies start using ITIL practices.

When using Heat, Incident Management is handled primarily by Call Logging. Incorporating ITIL in the Call Logging module can both bring you closer to ITIL compliance and also improve the efficiency of the help desk.

Changes you can make in the Call Logging module are:Category: This field is used to categorize items specified by the Call Type. It also put the banner on the top of the Call Logging form. Why not use this field to increase the visibility of the ITIL functions?

To do this, you would use Table Maintenance to add or modify the Categories:

* Open Accessory > Table Maintenance > Category
* In the Heading field, enter ITIL related categories
* These could include Incident Log, Change Log, Project Log,
Maintenance Log and Configuration Log.

This ties the Category to the related ITIL function. For example, if you select Change Request as a Call Type, you should get the option of Change Management or Project Management. When you select one, a corresponding heading will appear in the Call Logging form. For Change Management, you would have a heading of Change Log, for Project Management you would receive a heading of Project Log.

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