Friday, May 30, 2008

Heat: ITIL Service Level Management

A client asked this: Heat has a very detailed set of Service Level Management forms. Are these needed for ITIL compliance?

The increased emphasis on Service Level Management is a direct result of the continued movement of Heat toward ITIL compliance. ITIL recommends a comprehensive SLM system for maintaining accountability.

The SLM system provided with Heat out of the box is a complex set of autotasks, business rules and customizations. There is also a white paper available from The Marks Group that goes into detail on what checks are made for each step of the SLM process.

One request we receive quite often is that IT Management do not want technicians to have access to the SLM button that starts and stops the SLM timer. This can be handled in several ways but the easiest method is to create a viewset for technicians where the button is removed and a viewset for managers where the button is visible.

The SLM timer would be started by an autotask when the call is taken. If there are extenuating circumstances that require that the timer be turned off (vendor issues, time for research, etc) then the technician would need to to involve their manager to stop the timer.

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