Thursday, June 26, 2008

GoldMine: Clients receive an e-mail and it is linked to that contact’s record when it is opened, but they actually want to link it to another record.

You can unlink the email from the contact and re-link it to another contact by completing the following:

* Open the e-mail center and open the e-mail you want to link to another contact record

* Click on the Re-link/Un-link button on the menu bar

* Choose link to another contact and the Attach e-mail to Contact box will appear

* Choose the option from the list that best suits where you want to link the email

* If you do not want to move the “From” e-mail address to the new record, make sure the ”Link the address to the contact” box is not checked or GoldMine will also move the e-mail address to the contact record

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