Thursday, June 26, 2008

GoldMine: One of my automated processes is failing. How can I tell which track it is?

Create an entry for Automated Processes that will outline each step in every track. To do this, open the username.ini for the person you are logged in as and insert the following section:


This will set the process monitor to report on each individual section of an Automated Process.

An example of the Process Monitor after this feature is enabled:

0[1] Automated Processes [12:18 am - 4/30/2008]
0[1] Scanning Contact: Blue Pelican Consulting; Parker Fillman
0[1] Read Track: Opportunity [Next Event: 100, Track: 100012 ]
0[1] 10 If sale, attach to Customer Welcome
0[1] 20 If sale, remove from Opportunity
0[1] 100 Print Letter: Sales Proposal
0[1] --> Triggered.
0[1] Print Form [5NTC1VO$OXV2MPX]
3[1] Error printing form [5NTC1VO$OXV2MPX]
0[1] 110 Verify forecast probability & date
0[1] --> Triggered.
0[1] Schedule: 4/30/2008 NATALIE Verify that probability and close date have not changed--
0[1] 120 Check for uncleared follow-up call
4[1] Automated Processes: 1 Contacts; 1 Scanned; 2 Triggered; 1 Pass(es) [Ended 12:18 am - 4/30/2008; Dur: 0:01]

This should enable you to tell which track is failing so that you can correct the problem.

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