Monday, July 21, 2008

5 More Tech Trends To Ignore

Last month I discussed five tech trends that weren't worth a small business owner's time. Well...I've got five more. Go ahead and punt on these until at least another year or two.

Facebook and MySpace

Take five minutes and check one of them out. Lots of people having fun, fun, fun! Big business is trying hard to figure out a way to make money from these sites. No one's really done it yet. Unless you're hawking Hannah Montana memorabilia, there's not going to be much of an audience for your product here. Small businesses should ignore these places for now. Want to join a great networking site with business benefits? Try or

Open-Source Software

Sure, open- source software may be "free," but the propeller- heads you need to actually get it working, customized, and supported aren't. Spending time customizing a software product, just because it's "open source," doesn't mean that time is well spent. Business owners should stick to the boring, off-the-shelf stuff for now.

Windows XP

It's time to start ignoring Windows XP, too. Like it or not, the Microsoft operating system for businesses won't be sold after June 30. We are going to be forced to drink the Vista Kool-Aid. It still starts up slow. It still doesn't work with all devices. It will require a server with more memory than an elephant. But hey, now we get to see our invoices in 3D! And we'll all feel so much more secure, too, right? Whoever said that life gets more complex the older you get definitely works at Microsoft. Goodbye XP and Godspeed. We'll miss you.

Microsoft and Yahoo

Frankly, we really don't care about Microsoft's attempt to buy Yahoo (YHOO) (, 2/1/08). Let us know when it's all sorted out. Then we'll Google (GOOG) the story.

Virtual Worlds

There's been a lot of hype around virtual societies like Second Life. Some big companies are taking this stupidity seriously and buying "real estate" to advertise products (BusinessWeek, 5/1/06). These are the same big companies that spend big money on overpriced consultants and gold-painted corporate jets. Small business owners should ignore these virtual worlds- until they find a way for a virtual guy named "Knuckles" to beat the stuffing out of a real-life delinquent customer.

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