Monday, July 14, 2008

Change Management: Approving Requests with Heat

A client wants to know: What is the recommended process for approving Change Requests?

This varies by organization. Some companies prefer to have each approver review the requests remotely and email their approval. If possible, it is preferable to have a periodic meeting and review the requests in order of priority, urgency and impact.

This review can done several ways. First, an Answer Wizard report can be printed by group (Requested, Pending, Approved) and distributed prior to the meeting. At the meeting, the requests can be reviewed by the committee by opening Heat and displaying the Call Groups in order:

* Group > Open Call Group > Requested Changes
* Group > Open Call Group > Pending Changes
* Group > Open Call Group > Approved
* Click Ctrl B to show a spreadsheet type of all calls in a group
* Click Window > Select the Call Group to display

In this manner the call requests can be discussed and approved (or put on pending) during the meeting by opening the Detail form and clicking the Approver buttons

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