Monday, July 14, 2008

Change Management: Automating Approvals

A client asked this: What ways can we further automate our Change Management
system in Heat?

A major change can be approving changes by email instead of in person. This is done with the Auto Ticket Generator and the Update action. You can also use Alert Monitor and Call Groups to monitor Change Requests specific to your technology area (Networking, Software, Hardware). To do this, you would do the following:

* Open Alert Monitor > Click Define System Alerts
* Click Browse > Select the Call Group to add to your Alert Monitor
(These could be call groups further defined as changes requests for
* Select an action (pop-up, sound, email) to alert you of new change requests
* Save the new alr file

This will allow you to monitor just Change Requests related to your IT group. It also will alert you of new changes as they come in.

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