Monday, July 14, 2008

Change Management: Heat Style

A client recently asked: We are just starting to setup Change Management. Where do we start with Heat?

Before you even touch the software there a number of things you need to do. Depending on your goals, you need to setup a group of individuals that will serve to review and approve (or disapprove) changes that are submitted through Heat. Their roles are:

Change Manager
The role of the Change Manager is point of initial contact. This person will create the issue or case in the call-logging module, take all the pertinent information that may be required to complete this issue.

The role of the Approver can be defined several ways. Once the Change Manager has assigned or created a new issue for this individual, then they will need to decide the how’s and what’s for the process of implementation and time frame.

The Implementer’s role is just that. This person will be responsible for the implementation of the change. The Approver has assigned this person this task.

These roles should be created in Heat but also as a committee that meets once a week, once a month or whatever timeframe your organization requires to effectively approve upcoming changes.

Once you have assembled your committee of Change Manager, Approvers and Implementers, you can start modifying Heat to match the roles of the committee you have assembled.

First, there is a Change Request call type and related Detail form that comes with Heat. If you want a simple change management system, this may serve your needs. Most likely, however, this will serve as a starting point for your system.

If you choose to retain the Change Request call type and related Detail form, there are some changes below you can make to take a starter Change Management to the next level.

A. Change the titles on the Detail form: this can be done through a edit set or quick customize to modify the titles to fit your committee.

* Open Administrator
* Select File > Quick Customize
* Select the Detail table > select Change Request > select Form
* Right click on each role and rename to Approver1, Approver2 or use the
person's name if your change management group will be static
* Commit the quick customize and open Call Logging > select Change Request and
review the Detail form

B. Modify the autotasks associated with each person to perform other tasks other than add their login, date and time to the Approved section. For example, if a certain approver gives their approval it could serve as a proxy approval for the change manager. You could add the assignment by the Approver to the appropriate Implementer:

* Autotasks > Manage Autotasks > Select an Approval autotask
* Click Edit > Click Add > Click Create Assignment
* Enter the ValidatePrompt() function in the Assignee field
* Enter a message in the Notes that the assignment has been created for in
Call ID > Insert Call ID

This way when the Approver indicates their approval, they will be prompted to assign it to an Implementer, moving the process to the next step

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