Monday, July 14, 2008

Change Management: Restricting Views

A client asked: I have certain fields that only the Change Manager should see. How can I hide them.

This can be done through a View and a Security Role:

Create a view that contains the fields only for the Change Manager
* Select the CallLog table
* Click the Create View button
* Select Change Manager from the Table column.
* Use CallLog > System to initialize the Form and Grid.
* Click OK
* Add the field or fields that you want the Change Manager to see
* Commit the edit set.

When the edit set is complete, select Security > Roles
* Click Add.
* Role Name is Change Manager.
* View Set is Change Manager.
* Click Apply.
* Click Close.

Add a User to the Change Manager Role
* Select Security > Users.
* Select a name from the Users list or
Select Add.
* If add was selected, then complete information.
* Select Change Manager as Security Role.
* Click Apply.

Remember, you can also alter the table rights as necessary through the Security Roles.

This will allow you to add fields to the Call Log form that only the Change Manager can see and edit.

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