Monday, July 14, 2008

Change Management: Tracking Changes

A client asked this: What is the best way to track open Changes Requests and what stage they are in (e.g. submitted, pending, approved)?

First, you will need to create Call Groups for each of these stages:

* Select Group > Open Call Group > Click Add
* Add a Call Group Name > Click Global
* Enter the following expression:
{CallLog.CallStatus} <> 'Closed' and {CallLog.ApprovalStatus} = 'Pending'
Click Save and this will give you all Pending calls. Repeat for any groups you want to track by

Then you can use Managers Console to track the number of each type of Change Request in real time:

* Open Managers Console > Start as Server
* Click New Tab > Add Name of Change Requests
* Click New Indicator > Click Next and select the Pending Call Group
* Click Next and select Gauge as the type of graph
* Click Next and select the number of Pending requests for each level
* Complete the actions section > Click OK

This will allow approvers to log into Managers Console and launch Call Logging when a new request is made

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