Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CRM: Creating Dashboards in Excel

A client asked: What are Dashboards and how do I create one?

Dashboards are a hot new way to integrate Microsoft CRM and Excel. Dashboards provide you with an instant warehouse of data in a familiar tool: Excel. Excel is being used for dashboards of key information and you get all your data in a fine-looking chart format.

Step 1: Setup the Dashboard:

* Using Advanced Find choose the criteria of data you are interested in on an ongoing bases. For example, try using closed sales totals by month and category.
* Save your Query
* Display your Query
* Using the Excel Button, Click and choose create a Dynamic Excel Pivot Chart
* Design your chart from the numerous Microsoft Excel features to leverage the data from your query.
* Save your new Dynamic Excel spreadsheet.

Step 2: Run the Dashboard whenever you want:

* You can open your Dynamic Excel spreadsheet anytime to check out your chart.You do not need to be in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Your custom chart updates with current Dynamics CRM Sales data automatically.

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Anonymous said...

Excel is a great tool to store your data but when it comes to analytics.
I prefer Prism from SiSense to creat dashboards and reports.