Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CRM: Global Replace

A client recently asked: How do I do a global replace in Microsoft CRM?

There are at least three ways: manually, using a workflow and using the OnChange event. To do a quick cleanup of data, you can use the manual method:

* Choose Accounts
* Select a view and sort on the field you want to update (e.g. Incorrect Address Format)
* Click on the first record > Shift-click on the last record
* This selects all accounts where State equals Pennsylvania.
* Choose Edit > Change the state field to PA
* Save and Close

If you have a lot of records to change or will be making this change on a regular basis, you can create a manual workflow:

* Select Settings > Workflows
* Click New > Enter a Title (Change State Name)
* Check On Demand as the type of workflow
* Enter a condition of Address1:State begins with Penn
* Save the workflow

When you are in the view Incorrect Address Format, you will see all records that are entered as Pennsylvania. Click Run Workflow from the view and select Change State Name from the Workflows listed. The state name will be changed to PA and listed in the view My Accounts in PA.

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