Monday, July 21, 2008

An Enterprise Solutions payroll user asks, “What is the Employee Organizer and how can it help me?”

The Employee Organizer is a comprehensive employee management tool that is integrated with QuickBooks so you never have to enter the same data twice. When you need to hire, terminate, give raises or promotions, track leave of absences, the guided processes will guide you step by step and give you links to the latest regulatory information and forms. Use of the Employee Organizer can help reduce the risk of penalties and legal disputes. Another useful feature is the “Ask an Employment Question” service which is available to answer your specific employment questions via email at no additional charge. When you need to access employee data, Employee summary reports provide you with detailed employee profile and compensation data. There are also additional QuickBooks List reports for Employee Organizer.

To access the Employee Organizer select it from the Employee toolbar dropdown menu.

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