Monday, July 21, 2008

A GoldMine user asks, "Is there a way to count activities on a per-user basis?"

Yes, you can track the number of activities completed per user.

Go to Tools > Filters & Groups (Lookup > SQL Queries in GoldMine 7 or earlier), then click on the SQL Query Tab. Paste in this:

select userid, srectype as Type, count(*) as Number from conthist where srectype in ('A', 'C', 'M') and ondate >= '1/1/2000' and ondate <= '6/30/2008' group by userid, srectype
Change the date range to suite your needs. This counts appointments (A), calls (C), and emails (M).

You can send these results to Excel by right-clicking, selecting Output to and then Excel.

(thanks to Chad Smith for this tip)

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