Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Heat: Backup FLS

A client asked this: We lost our FLS contents after upgrading Heat. They do not appear to be in the archive we made prior to the upgrade. Can we retrieve FLS?

Yes, you can use a SQL BAK file to restore the FLS tree. As you state, FLS tables are not included in an archive and should be exported and imported (the .dst file) prior to an upgrade to avoid losing the FLS tables.

To get your FLS back, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Restore Heat to a SQL shell database
* Locate the SQL backup of the Heat database prior to the upgrade.
* Restore this backup to a SQL Database shell.
* Login to the FLS application with the previous version of HEAT.
* Select File > Export to export a .dst file (backup file of the tree).
* Name this file and save it.

Step 2: Restore FLS to the upgraded Heat Database
* Login to FLS on the upgraded version of Heat.
* Select File > Import.
* Choose Select Source and browse to the .dst file exported above.
* Choose Select Target Tree and select the correct tree name from the list.

(Note: This tree should be the one that is configured through the Administrator > Defaults > Searches > Knowledge Search Defaults. On the Search Engine tab there is a listing for FLS Tree. This is the name of the tree that was previously configured for your FLS integration).

* Choose the correct Attachment Directory and then select OK.
* Select to either Retain or Delete existing attachments (suggest Retain) and the import will be complete.

Tables that Contain the FLS Tree:

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