Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Heat: SQL Login for All Users

A client recently asked: We were told that the only way to use SQL authentication with Heat is to go to each workstation and type in sa and the sa password. Is this true?

No, there is an automated method to push out the sa user and password (or if you do not feel comfortable using sa, you can create a user specifically to access Heat - e.g. heatuser)

Below are the steps to allow users to launch Call Logging without entering sa (or an equivalent) and sa password at each workstation:

Step 1: You must create an ODBC connection that will default to the Heat database and uses SQL authentication. Use the normal method of creating a Heat DSN.

Step 2: Launch Call Logging and select the datasource to use as the default.

* Type in the login and password for the SQL connection.
* Click Yes to "Automatically use this database UserID and Password".

Step 3: You need to export the registry key with the default user and password

* Go to Start > Run
* Type in regedit and press Enter.
* Expand the registry to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FrontRange Solutions\Databases\HEAT (name of DSN) and highlight this key.
* Select Registry > Export Registry File and save the file.

Step 4: Run ODBCWizard.exe. This is located on the HEAT disk or your administrative image.

* Select Write an INI file based on existing data sources > click Next.
* Select the directory and the name of the INI file to be written > click Next.
* Select the data source you wish to export to the INI file > click Next.
* Click Finished.

Step 5: Distribute the ODBC.ini file to users

Send a copy of this ODBC.ini file and a copy of the exported registry key to users requiring the DSN and ODBC login credentials to be defaulted on their machine.

These two files should be included in a batch file set to run on login. The user will need to know that, when prompted, they need to read the ini file.

When the user launches Call Logging, they will not be prompted for the SQL User ID and Password, only their HEAT login.

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