Monday, July 7, 2008

A new Enterprise user wants to know if there is a way to import their Customer and Vendor records into QuickBooks.

QuickBooks can import list files for Customer/Vendors/Account and Item list items. To do this, select the FILE menu, then select UTILITIES>IMPORT>EXCEL FILES. Select ADVANCED IMPORT. This opens the Import a File window. Select the .xls file you want to import by browsing to it, choose the sheet and check the box if there are header rows in the data file. Next, select the drop down arrow for Add or Select a Mapping and select . Mapping is how you tell QB’s which columns in the import file contain what data.

Each mapping you create is saved in your company data file. Give your mapping a name, select an import type, select a QB’s field that you want mapped to a column in your Excel file that maps to this field in QB’s. Repeat until your mapping is complete, then click SAVE. Click on the PREFERENCES tab. Choose how you want to handle duplicate records and rows with errors. Click PREVIEW to see how the first row of data will import into QB’s based on the mappings and preferences selected. Select IMPORT to import your data.

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