Monday, August 18, 2008

A CRM client asks, “Much of my data that has been imported into CRM from other sources is inconsistent or messy. How can I easily clean it up?”

Dynamics CRM offers you the ability to do Bulk Edit for a quick cleanse. In this example, we will change all state fields set to Texas to TX.

• Choose Accounts
• Pick a View that allows you to sort on the fields you might
want to update. In our example, sort by the STATE field by
clicking on the column header.
Click on the first record to select, CNTL-click on the last record to select all accounts where state equals Texas.
• Choose More Actions > Edit
Change the state field to TX
Save and Close

If you have thousands upon thousands of records to be changed, then you can also use a manual workflow or setup an onchange event. Microsoft gives you lots of choices.

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