Monday, August 18, 2008

A CRM client says, “I don’t like having a new window open every time I go to a link. Is there some way to tab them instead?”

Internet Explorer 7 offers tabbed browsing, where links open in tabs rather than new windows that clutter your desktop.

Under Tools > Internet Options click the Tabs Settings button on the General tab.

Make the following changes to the default settings:

  • Always switch to new tabs when they are created
  • Always open pop-ups in a new tab

The other nice part about tabbed browsing is that if you have several tabs open, you can click the Windows button (to the far left of the tabs – it has a graphic of four small squares on it) to get a thumbnail view of all open tabs. Then simply click on the one you want to work with.

You can get similar tabbed browsing functionality in Internet Explorer version 6, by downloading the MSN Toolbar.

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