Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An Enterprise client asks if there is a way to memorize monthly reports so they can be easily printed without having to define the report parameters.

Yes, whenever you change the settings for a report (modify it), you can memorize the report with the new settings and save it in the Memorized Report List. Then, when you want to create a similar report, you go to the Memorized Report List to find it.

Important: QuickBooks memorizes the report settings, not the data in the report.

If you want to save the current data from the report you’re memorizing you need to do the following:
1. After you have customized a report, click Memorize at the top of the report.
2. If you have changed an existing memorized report, indicate whether you want QuickBooks to replace the earlier report (under the same name) or create a new memorized report (under a new name).In the Memorize Report window, enter a title for the report.
3. In the Memorize Report window, enter a title for the report
4. Click OK.

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