Monday, August 18, 2008

A Gold Mine customer asks, “How do I turn a SQL Query into a group?”

First, run your SQL Query so the results are on the screen: Tools>Filters and Groups>SQL Query tab.

Then switch to the Groups tab. Click on New Group.

Enter a Group Name.

The Code field is an 8 character code that can be used for anything you'd like. Since Groups are static, i.e. they do not automatically update, it’s a good idea to put in the date they're created so you know at a glance when the group was created.

Be sure the Build Group box is checked, then click OK.

In the Group Building Wizard, click the SQL Query Records radio button. (If this is grayed out it means there is nothing appearing in the SQL Query tab.) Click Next.

Choose whether and how you want to sort your group, if you want any fields brought over into the Reference field, and if you need to limit the size of the group. Click Next>Finish.

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