Monday, August 18, 2008

A GoldMine customer asks, “How can I encourage my GoldMine users to fill out more fields without making every field required?”

This method will make the field label red if the field is left blank, therefore drawing attention to the field. This example uses the Company field; however, this can be done for any field in the top-half of the screen or the Fields tab.

Right-Click > Properties on the Company field while logged in as a user with 'Master' rights. Then go to the Color tab.

Click on the Expression radio box under Label Color and enter this:

iif(trim(company) < ' ', 255, -1)

If you are using a different field you'll need to substitute that field name for 'company'. The 255 is the color red while the -1 is the default label color.

Click OK.

Now when the field is empty, the label is red; when data is entered, it changes back to the default color.

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