Monday, August 18, 2008

A GoldMine customer asks, “How can I reassign or update groups of contacts or activities from one user to another?”

The Territory Realignment Wizard enables you to:

  • Assign a set of existing contacts to users based on a filter or group
  • Reassign activities from one user to another user
  • Globally update fields relevant to a territory realignment
  • Set up synchronization to update the databases of remote users affected by the realignment

To Use the Territory Realignment Wizard:

a. Select Tools>Data Management>Territory Realignment. The Territory Realignment Wizard appears.

b. Click Next. The filter selection dialog box appears.

c. Select the filter or group in the drop-down list. To select from filters or groups of a different user, select or . The Select a User dialog box appears. Select the user in the drop-down list and click OK to return to the filters and groups drop-down list.

d. Select the filter or group and click Next. The Replace dialog box appears. You can replace the data in up to two fields and change the owner in the third. In the first Replace drop-down list select the field you are replacing. In the following With text box, type or select the value to appear in that field. In the third Replace field, select Owner in the drop-down list. In the following With text box, select the new user or user group to whom you are assigning ownership of the contacts. Click Next.

e. To reassign the activities a particular user, select the user's name in the Reassign the activities of this user drop-down list. In the To this user drop-down list, select the new user who will be responsible for the activities.

f. In the Activities ranging from date text box, type or select the starting date from the F2 graphical calendar. In the To date text box, type or select the ending date from the F2 graphical calendar.

g. In the Please select the activity types to reassign to the new user area, specify the activities to be reassigned.

  • Call Backs: Scheduled, outgoing telephone calls to be made sometime in the future.
  • Messages: Scheduled e-mail messages.
  • Next Actions: Scheduled manual tasks, such as sending literature, delivering samples, shipping products, etc.
  • Appointments: Scheduled, date-specific meetings with contacts. Appointments can also be used to schedule conference calls.
  • Literature Requests: Scheduled fulfillment and shipping of brochures, price lists, and other types of mass-printed documentation to one or more contacts.
  • Forecasted Sales: Scheduled activities indicating the anticipated close date of a pending sale with one of your contacts. GoldMine has special features for managing forecasted sales.
  • Other Actions: Miscellaneous activities falling outside the other activity categories defined in GoldMine.
  • To-do: Priority-ranked activities that do not have an activity date and appear on a separate To-do list, rather than the date-based Scheduled Activities windows. Note: By default, GoldMine does not link To-Do activities. Each To-Do activity is forwarded daily.
  • Event: Date-specific activities scheduled for one or more days, such as conferences and conventions.

h. Select Reassign unlinked activities to include the user's scheduled activities that are not linked to a particular contact record.
i. Click Next.
j. Click Finish. The Process Monitor displays the status of the process.

Note: We strongly recommend that you back up data before performing territory realignment.

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