Monday, August 18, 2008

A GoldMine customer says, “I double-click my GoldMine icon and the username is auto-filled incorrectly!"

The username that appears is probably derived from your network/computer login; however, you may want something different like your first name or your standard GoldMine login.

If you do a Right-Click > Properties on the GoldMine shortcut on your desktop you'll see the Target field, which will say something like "C:\Program Files\GoldMine\gmw.exe"

To override what's in the username field when logging in, append a /u:USERNAME to the end of the target, so that it reads like this:

C:\Program Files\GoldMine\gmw.exe /u:jen

You can also input your password here as well, like this:

C:\Program Files\GoldMine\gmw.exe /u:jen /p:password

Tip: Note the direction of the slashes, and the spaces between the Username and the Password.

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