Monday, August 18, 2008

A GoldMine customer says, “I want more detail in my Details!”

The Details tab offers extended features that include eight information fields that you can customize to meet your information needs. The Setup tab on the Detail Properties dialog box allows a user with Master rights to configure the eight fields.

Note: The extended detail fields can only be character-based, not numeric or date fields. This means that you can type numbers or dates in the field, but they will only be searched as a character string, not as a numeric or date field.

To Customize Details Information Fields
  • Open the Details tab and right click in the open space below. Select New. In the Detail Properties dialog box, select the detail you want to customize. (You can also delete detail types from this lookup if they are not of use to you, and create new ones, but that’s another tip.)
  • Select the Setup tab. This is *not* the button on the Detail Names drop down list – you must choose select on that screen to go back to the Detail Properties dialog box.
  • In the text boxes, type the field label you want to apply to each field.

Note: The number to the right of the text box is the fixed field length. Neither the format, the order, nor the length can be changed. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider, based on the length of the field, where each piece of information is going to be stored.

Tip: If you only want to use a few of the fields, not all of them, you can hide a field by typing at least two asterisks (**) rather than a name in the field label text box.
  • The Tab Name text box allows you to convert this Detail into a separate tab. The new tab will appear after the default tabs on the tab bar. Any details you enter under the new tab will also be recorded under the standard Details tab. You must be careful when deleting details that have been converted into custom detail tabs. The Tab Name should not exceed six to eight characters, depending on the letters used, and should not contain any spaces.
  • Select Save Tab column positions to save any modifications you make to the display on the standard Details tab, and to allow you to save any display changes you make to the new detail that you converted into a tab.
  • Click OK.


DougN said...

Original post said "You must be careful when deleting details that have been converted into custom detail tabs." Why? We have deleted detail records and have lost on one of four custom detail tabs the display of all information and the display of the tab's name. The other three custom tabs work ok. We have run GM maintenance.

Jen said...

My caution was because it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because the detail shows on more than one tab, you can delete it with impunity from one tab and it will stay in the other. Not so. If you delete that detail from the main Details tab, it will disappear from the sub-tab as well, and vice versa.

You can easily delete a Details sub-tab by right-clicking in the Details tab and going to New, highlighting the detail from which the tab was made, going to the Setup tab and clearing the Tab Name field.