Monday, August 18, 2008

A GoldMine customer says, “There are too many items in the History tab! How can I find what I am looking for?”

Within the History tab, Right-click >Options > Filter. This brings up the Activity Filter window.

Check the Activate Filter box and choose your criteria. You can go by User, Activity Type, Date Range, Activity Codes, Result Codes or Reference Text. Click OK.

The History tab will now show only the items that fit your criteria.

To release the filter when you are finished, Right-click >Options > Release Filter


Anonymous said...

How about leaving a filter on for good? We are tracking all LOG result codes, for external uses, but do not need the user seeing all of the LOG results in the history. By setting a filter to Result Code <> LOG, how can we leave it in place everytime the user logs in?

Jen said...

There is a new functionality available in GoldMine 8.03 and 8.1 (still in beta) where you can add a history filter into the INI settings for a user that will keep the filter on; in 8.02 and lower, however, the filter will automatically release when the user logs out.