Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heat: HSS and Edit Sets

A client asked this: When we commit an edit set, we stop all services and have all users log out. Is there anything else we need to do when running Heat Self Service?

Yes, there are web pages in HSS that allow you to stop and start HSS when committing an edit set. The details are below:

Step 1:
From the HSS Configuration Tool, select “Edit Web Server Settings”. Uncheck the “Web Logins Allowed” box or from the HSS Admin Web Page, select “Service”, and then click the “Disable” button under “New Logins”:

From here on, new sessions will be redirected to the “site disabled” page that shows that Heat is being maintained.

Step 2:
At the desired maintenance time, the HSS web site must be disabled. From the HSS Config Tool, select “Edit Preferences”. check the “Web Site Enabled” box:

At this time, users trying to log into or use the site will see a message similar to the following: The Heat web site is down for maintenance.

Step 3:
Next, stop HSS. This is easily done from the HSS Admin Web Page by pressing the “Stop” button under “Server Status”

Step 4:
At this time HSS has been properly stopped. It may be necessary for the HEAT Administrator to “Reset” all of the connections/logins from the “User Status” screen in the HEAT Admin tool, since the user’s sessions may still be logged into HEAT via the HEAT API.

Step 5:
After all maintenance activities are complete, HSS must be restarted. This operation proceeds in reverse of the shutdown procedure, although new logins are automatically re-enabled when the server is restarted.

From the HSS Admin Web page, click the “Start” button under the “Server Status” item

Step 6:
From the HSS Config Tool, enable the web site

Step 7:From the HSS Admin Web Page, remove the maintenance message, perhaps replacing with a “Scheduled HSS maintenance complete.” message.

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