Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heat: Using POP/SMTP in HSS

A client wants to know: Can I use POP/SMTP for email services in Heat Self Service?

Yes, you would need to configure the services, mailbox and then associate them with HSS. The instructions are below:

Configuring the Mail Server Role

* Open the Configure Your Server Wizard. (Start>>Control Panel>>Administrative Tools>>Configure Your Server Wizard)
* On the Welcome to the Configure Your Server Wizard page, click Next.
* On the Preliminary Steps page, click Next.
* On the Server Role page, select Mail Server (POP3, SMTP), click Next.
* On the Configure POP3 Service page, select Local Windows Account for Authentication method, enter .domain name for E-mail domain name, and click Next.
* On the Summary of Selections page, click Next. If prompted to insert the Windows Server 2003 CD, navigate to the CD drive where the Windows 2003 CD is located.
* On the This Server is now a Mail Server page, click Finish.

Configuring the SMTP Service

* Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
* Expand Internet Information Services (IIS) and then .
* Right-click Default SMTP Virtual Server, and select Properties.
* Click the Access tab, and under Access control, click Authentication.
* Check Integrated Windows Authentication, and click OK.
* Under Relay restrictions, click Relay.
* Verify that Allow all computers which successfully authenticate to relay, regardless of the list above is checked, and click OK twice.

Configuring the POP3 Service

* Click Start>>Administrative Tools, then the POP3 Service.
* Right-click , and select Properties.
* Verify that Authentication Method is Local Windows Account.

Creating a Mailbox

* Click Start>>Administrative Tools, then the POP3 Service.
* Expand , then .domain name.
* Right-click .domain name, select New>>Mailbox.
* Enter for Mailbox Name, enter and confirm a password of P@ssw0rd, click OK.
* If a POP3 Service message appears, check Do not show this message again and click OK.

Enabling the E-Mail Account for use with HEAT Self Service

* In the HSS Configuration Tool select Edit>>Preferences.
* Select the Mail Service tab.
* Select the Enable POP/SMTP radio button and fill in the mail service account properties.
* Select the Mail directory. Keep in mind that the Authenticated User defined for the HEAT Self Service Virtual Directory needs to have Modify rights to this directory.
* Poll for Mail is how often the HEAT Self Service Mail service checks for mail to send out. Select periodic poll times or a specific time for all mail to be sent out.

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